about phoneme

At Phoneme we are dedicated to bring intelligent solutions to issues such as multi-lingual name matching or transliteration of names between latin and non-latin alphabets. Our effort is focused on Arabic and English languages.


Our team of machine learning experts and leading European and Arabic data scientists develops software solutions that incorporate our innovative approach to deep learning. It combines breakthrough application of Artificial Neural Nets with hands-on expertise of native-speaking linguists and Natural Language Processing practitioners.

name matching transliteration
name matching

Phoneme Name Matching is an intelligent name-matching software for Arabic and English languages that aims to offer an unprecedented accuracy across these languages.


What is name matching? Personal names are a challenge for modern language processing software because they have more than one part, including titles, nicknames, and qualifiers. It is even more of a issue to match names between Latin and Arabic alphabets. When a name is written in a language and script different from its native there may be various alternative representations for each phoneme. This leads to large number of variants for names with more than one part.


Phoneme Name Matching software delivers a solution to that problem that accurately match names across databases and alphabets.

translation of names

Phoneme Names Translation is an intelligent names transliteration software for Arabic and English languages that offers seamless names conversion between these languages and alphabets.

What is transliteration of names?
Transliteration of names is converting words from a given language alphabet to another language alphabet. It has to be done in a way that best preserves the phonetics and orthography of these names.

Phoneme Names Translation 
is a cloud-based answer to a need of standardized and reliable name transliteration between Arabic and English languages.